Isaac Brewer II

LDS Church records say that the second Isaac Brewer was born on August 17, 1742 in Ludlow, Massachusetts.  This location is somewhat surprising since LDS records also indicate that Isaac's parents lived and died in Wilbraham.  However, one lyrical acount from a Ludlow historian explains why Isaac, Jr. settled there as an adult:

A young man from Wilbraham, Isaac Brewer, who had cast furtive glances toward the developing charms of Captain Joseph Miller's daughter, Sibyl, and had braved the terrors of ford and ferry and wilderness, that he might visit there, became more and more enamored, until her graces, and her father's lands, won him from the home of his boyhood, for life. The happy young couple found a home near the banks of the Chicuepe, where the same musical ripple delighted them as had charmed the girlhood of the bride.
from The History of Ludlow, Massachusetts: With Biographical Sketches of Leading Citizens, Reminiscences, Genealogies, Farm Histories, and an Account of the Centennial Celebration, June 1, 1874, 2nd Edition by Alfred Noon, 1912.

A large land holder in Ludlow, Isaac is often referred to as Lt. Isaac Brewer for his role as an officer in the Revolutionary War. Before he died in 1788, Isaac and Sibyl had eleven children, five sons and six daughters.  Of these, one son died while still a baby and another son died at seventeen.

The census of 1790 for the town of Ludlow lists as head of household one "Brewer, Sybel" with the following residents of her home: "0 males 16 & over, 3 males under 16, 6 females, and 0 slaves or others". Sibyl died in 1834.


Daniel (1769 - 1788)

Pliny (1771 - 1821)

Katherine (1772 - 1822)

Elizabeth (1774 - ca 1854)

Chauncey (1776 - 1845)

Polly (1778 - 1800)

Isaac (1780 - 1782)

Abigail (1782 - 1824)

Isaac (1784 - 1867)

Lyman (1786 - 1857)

Clarissa (1788 - 1857)

Questions for further research:

1. Was Isaac an officer in the Continental Army during the war? If so, where did he serve?
2. Did grief over the loss of his 19-year-old son Daniel in 1788 contribute to Isaac's own death in the same year?
3. How large was the farm that Isaac acquired with his marriage to the wealthy Captain Miller?
4. How did Sybel manage to support 3 boys and six girls after her husband died?

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