Isaac Brewer I

The first of two ancestors named Isaac Brewer was born on November 25, 1713 in Wilbraham, Massachusetts, a hilly area east of Springfield.  He was the sixth child in a family with seven children.  Isaac's father, the Rev. Daniel Brewer, served as the minister of the Episcopal church of Springfield.  Such an occupation probably did not provide material wealth for the Brewer household, but there may have been a significant inheritance from Daniel's own parents when they passed away in Roxbury.  

Three years after his father died, Isaac married Mary Bliss and lived the rest of his life as a farmer in Wilbraham.  Mary died in 1759 at the relatively young age of 46, while Isaac survived until 1788.  The first child, Mary, married a Springfield jeweler.  The last child, Gaius, became a Wilbraham blacksmith.


Mary (1737 - ?)

Catherine (1738 1823)

Eunice (1740 - 1818)

Isaac (1742 - 1788)

William (1744 - 1830)

Charles (1748 - 1836)

Gaius (1753 - 1823)



Questions for further research:

1. Did Isaac and Mary simply continue living in the home where Isaac grew up?
2. What was Isaac's level of education?
3. What kind of social life did the Brewers enjoy?
4. Did the family of the bride provide a substantial dowry in most weddings of the time?

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