Ancestors of
Robert Burnham Brewer, Jr.
(1948 - )

I built this site in April 2005 after less than a year of research in my family history.  I decided early on that I would only follow my direct ancestors with the surname of Brewer.  This has partly to do with the greater availability of information about male historical figures.  It also has to do with my preference for following a simple timeline through history.  I am more interested in the opportunities and challenges faced by my ancestors than I am with who begat whom in every branch of my family tree. 

In December 2006, Gloria Brewer Jones sent me an extract of a document posted on another site devoted to the Strong family which intersected with the Brewer family in the late 17th century.  This new information allowed me to fill out more members of families in the early generations of the Brewers in America, and it indicated the occupations of two ancestors - both named Isaac Brewer - who lived in the vicinity of Springfield, Massachusetts in the 18th century.  Here's hoping that I receive more such updates for my website as time goes by. Thank you, Gloria.

Rob Brewer
Walnut Creek, California